Organic Farming

Having found needs for Nutritious vegetables, fruits and output of crops to present generation we the group of professionals belonging to DVS Organics Pvt ltd have come forward with the noble cause to plan execute and implement the concept of organic healthy food product to the living human community. OrganicFarming We have done the research on the present Eco system we have observed that the is a “Poison In Our Plate” we are what we eat. There are pesticide residue in bottled water, Noodles having LED and heavy metals. Heavy pesticides residue in vegetables, fruits. The pesticides used in by farmer’s kills 1% of insects, 99% come back food, water, Environment. Our egg what we eat are haploid eggs .we see Gynaecological Problems in women sans early puberty in girls also in some cases breast development in Men.

  • Artificial Carbide is used to ripen mangoes of fruits.
  • Water melon injects growth hormones.
  • Shiny Apples from California have wax coating.
  • Milk what we use is synthetic material
  • Chicken is injected with growth hormone
  • Sheep & fish also they use quick growth hormone which are harmful to body & cause cancer in long.
  • Harmful food effect 83% of population, because of lopsided policy of Govt.
  • When we see all the above factors, the future is black.But its Possible, Possible, Possible and there is a ray of hope
  • Thus organic food is the need of hour for the sustainably of making.

Our Products

Organic CropsWe take attentive care that promotes health and meets the needs of livestock. We also provide crops ranging from 15 days in a month until 10 years comprising monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, and 5 years.
Country BirdsWe’ve learned bird-keeping in a scientific and systematic manner. Therefore, our birds are free from antibiotics, toxins, and growth hormones. We give them an environment that is friendly and which supports the life of birds around us.
Dairy FormLike any other farming business, our dairy farm is unique because we work day and night without a holiday by supplying organic milk. We’ve learnt dairy farming scientifically besides having the basic cleanliness practices.
FisheriesOur fish farming includes cage farming of freshwater fishes, unlike pond-based fish farming. We select the fish rich in protein content and other nutrient properties.
Sheep FormWe mainly do our sheep farming for the reason of fiber and milk along with meat. Also, one shouldn’t forget that sheep manure is an important source of soil fertility. We do our sheep farming practices considering hygiene properties.
Food Processing UnitOur food processing unit includes agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, animal husbandry, and plantation practices. We follow the guidelines given by FPI and FSSAI for edible products. It is tested and then approved for further process.
CreepersOur creepers blossom beautifully. We take enough care of them and provide them water, which makes their soil fertile and allows them to get proper nourishment.
Agro TourismOur agro tourism is popular in our town because of the enticing look that we offer. It is something soothing to look at. It gives a sort of piece and a friendly environment which can’t be seen in today’s urban areas.
R & D Center

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